Our Team

Our Team

Pop‘s Alkali Cell Food Shop is here to assist and guide you on your transition from The Standard American Diet to an Alkaline Plant base Lifestyle. Notice I said Alkaline lifestyle and not Alkaline diet. 

It’s not a diet or fad. It’s a way of life. 

A natural way of living . 

Let’s examine this word diet. To spell the word Diet you have to use the word die. which represents death. And last but not least the t, which represent the cross, which also represent death. 

So from start to finish the word Diet, from my perspective represent death. 

D+D=D Dead foods • Dead thoughts • Deadly reaction

So we don’t won’t to eat no one’s diet or even use the word diet anymore. 

Alkaline Lifestyle is what we’re looking for. A natural way of living. Reconnecting us with ourselves and nature. Which allow us to see and know the foods God made, from what man has made. 

Alkaline foods is What God made, not man. Alkaline Foods are natural foods. 

Alkali foods doesn’t contain starch. 

Starch is a chemical, it’s carbonic acid. Anything that has starch is acid. It’s dead. It eats away on you. 

Alkali foods are alive. They are electric and so is the human body. 

L+L=L Live foods • Live thoughts • Lovely reaction 

We now know age is just a number. Meaning, age doesn’t make us old or sick . 

It’s the food we eat that stresses, ages the human body and makes us sick. Once you change the food, you change everything. 

Foods is alive, Food is nutritional. 

If God made us who should make our food? God • Nature.